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I need therapy guys

But since that won't be happening anytime soon (stupid waitlist!), I'll have groupthink help me process my thoughts.

Have you guys ever had an ex-boyfriend who you can't stop thinking about despite the fact that it's been 5+ years since you've broken up? Take those feelings and add to that the fact that said ex has a tendency to be a misogynist. That has become clearer to me as the years go by with the help of social media. Anyways, in the past we got into it once because he made a stupid comment about women and makeup and I ended up reeming him on his page. In that conversation, his reaction was that I was making a big deal over a "joke" he was making. After that I blocked him from my wall to avoid being tempted to comment on his idiocy (i.e. Poor people need to be drug tested for welfare!). Fast forward to present day, in the midst of people encouraging me on a new but small life goal, he had to be the one negative voice on my wall discounting my ability to accomplish this goal. Oh yeah and he also threw in a little misogyny in with his negative comment. I called him out on it and he backpedaled trying to play off like he was kidding. I reemed him some more and I found out a few days later that he unfriended me.

I've been having all sorts of conflicting feelings since then. I've been bouncing back and forth between feeling guilt and feeling relieved. Relieved because now that we're no longer friends through zero forms of social media, I may finally have the ability to completely forget about him. I've been feeling guilty because while I felt I had the right to call him out the first time, I should have stopped after he backpedaled. I feel as though I went overboard when I continued to reem him. Honestly, I think if I had a more friendly conversation with him, he would have seen my side of things. At the same time, we never communicate outside of social media so I don't know how he is in person anymore. I'm all the place right now and hope this post wasn't too confusing.

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