What's-His-Name is turning 40 in a few weeks. He's been begging me to let him buy an XBox for ages. Years, probably. I keep saying no, since we have a Wii and literally endless TV options to take up his time.

But he really reallyreallyreally RILLY RILLY wants an XBox. So I think I'm going to get him one. But I have no idea what the deal is!

He will likely play FPS games, probably not online (or at least as I understand "online" which is where you log in and play either with a bunch of people you know or randos. I mean, I can play online with MarioKart on the Wii and I understand that, so this will likely be similar). We won't be using it for TV/movie entertainment things, since that is well-covered territory (Blu-Ray, Roku, Chromecast, FiOS).

Are there different flavors of XBox One like with the 360? TELL ME WHAT TO BUY. And then recommend some games.