Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

or whatever because girls taking selfies will lead young men into temptation. I found some new friends for her.

This list of eight reasons NOT to send your daughter to college just showed up on my FB newsfeed (posted by people making fun it, don't worry). Here are some choice quotes, because you just can't make this shit up:


"Nothing that is taught in a college curriculum is geared toward domestic homemaking. On the contrary, it is training in a very masculine role of a professional career."

"The girl who graduates from college along with her parents gets the endless barrage of questions of “Where are you going to college?” The society is so fixated with the feminist ideal of women having to have a job and provide an income to have worth. So parents and their daughters often beam with pride in announcing what university she will attend. Astonishingly even homeschool parents fall into this folly."

"We are not surprised that more and more women are coming forward to tell their stories of regret for having by-passed the more meaningful things in life to opt for the approval of feminists who cared nothing more about them than being statistics to reinforce their agenda."

Apparently this is a real article posted on a real website maintained by a real group. Here's their homepage and their Facebook page if you feel like slamming your head against a wall some more.

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