Alright, there, I said it. It's out in the open. It feels good to be able to tell someone else. Seriously, though, I just caught myself looking a little too longingly at Michael Pitt's crotch in a photograph I just posted in Whisky and Dweeze's movie thread.

I've been essentially single for six months, barring an incident late in the summer where my heart got mangled up pretty badly by a guy who played me to the extreme, and ended up having a serious girlfriend. So, I'm in a really weird place where I decidedly do not want any kind of a serious relationship- I just don't have the time or emotional resources necessary to devote to something substantial. BUT, I would be totally down to hang out with someone, watch movies, make out, and if something else further happens...I would not complain. Well, "not complain" is perhaps the wrong way to put it. I would probably do a goddamn cartwheel and then explode into a cloud of glitter at this point.

There's a really cute guy in my English class that I have not gathered up the nuts to ask out for a beer yet. I know that he is moving away in a few months, so it might be perfect if he's into it. We will see. Ergh. Cue awkward feelings.