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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I need to gripe about my mother.

But that's what Groupthink is here for, right?

My husband eats pretty much everything. You put it in front of him, he'll chow down. There are only three exceptions:

  • Lamb
  • Olives
  • Green bell peppers

He really, really hates those things. He can't pick around them. If you put them in the dish, he can taste it, even after they've been field-stripped out. He'll choke down the dish, if he can, but most of the time he just goes hungry.


Every time my mother invites us over, she will either serve lamb, cook a meat dish with green bell peppers tossed all over it, or throw olives on everything. She'll then insist on making a show of cooking something 'just for him.'

Woman. My husband is not picky. There are three things in this world that he will not eat. They're not even all that uncommon. I know tons of people who don't like those things. If I say something, though, she starts muttering about finding a 'replacement' for the hated ingredient. She has a bookshelf full of cookbooks! Just pick another recipe.


And the weird thing is that she only does this when we come over. Ten years with my ex, we never got lamb, or green peppers, or olives. We usually got steak, chicken, or a pasta dish.

Why? WHY?!

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