Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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I need to gush some happiness

The world is crazy. I hate covid and trump and my job is soul sucking. However, I am falling hard for someone special who I’ve been seeing a little over a year. I don’t get to see friends and they have their own woes so my gushing is probably annoying. But this person always makes time for me, always plans fun exciting things to do (even during covid).

No one has planned a surprise for me in years. We spend most weekends together out of town at his cabin and he plans something new and fun every time. He does research and keeps a running list of new things to do. This time it was a lavendar farm (field?) and a hike to a waterfall. Was so amazing. When I was low key battling an unexpected spider web in the shower (outdoor shower) and he ran to do web and spider removal for me like a super hero. Was so cute. I am so happy and it’s hard to share it right now.


Just needed to gush. I am way to old to be so silly smitten, but it's something to keep me going so thanks for letting me share a bit. Needed to get it out.

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