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I need to have a pout

My husband hurt his knee. He's usually okay, but if it twists the wrong way, he's in pain. We're getting it checked out, which is a miracle, as he expects his body to heal through sheer stubbornness.

I'm happy he's finally getting it checked out, but this means we haven't been out since he hurt himself, two weeks ago. It'll be another few days until he gets it checked out, and probably weeks after that before we go out again.


Y'all, I want to go OOOOOOOOUUUUT. I want to go to a nice bar and get drinkies, especially since my make-up and outfits have been on point all week. It's only summer for so long! Soon, it'll get cold and crappy again and I'll be stuck in sweaters and gloves and everything will be DEAD outside.

I'd go out with friends, but they're all strapped for cash and refuse to let me pay. URGH. I don't WANNA sit on the couch and watch YouTube tonight!

*stomps foot*

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