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Welcome To The Bitchery

I Need to Learn to Lie Better

I'm a horrible liar. Always have been. But since I went through therapy and activated my "Give No Fux" mode to deal with my abusive old job I haven't been able to turn it off or even feel that bad about it. It's not that I'm negative or aggressive, or even all that blunt— I just can't find it in me to cover up other people's wrongdoing.

I was at an interview today, and it was strange because I was being interviewed by two people for a simple server position at a bar. The man sits down without introducing himself and starts grilling me on why I left my former jobs. So I told him. I tried to keep it diplomatic, but I let him know that I felt my tutoring job didn't care about the kids (and was later sued for scamming the government), and that my other job was overrun with pests (which was the least of its worries, but it's something quantifiable that makes me look responsible in comparison). I tried to steer the convo to my attributes and "complement sandwich" my former workplace, but the interviewer kept pushing and pushing for more detailed information.


I hope I don't come off as negative, but I want to let my potential employers see that I'm not a pushover and I want a job where everyone is responsible. I can't be that abused person anymore.

Problem is it's probably affecting my interview performance. Any tips?

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