I... am having issues with the dog I adopted. He's a very sweet, affectionate dog but 1) He is peeing everywhere. I know dogs can have trouble adjusting when they first move into a new place, but this is constant. Even immediately after I walk him. I've had to clean the carpet 3x a day since he moved in and today he started peeing in the kitchen also. And since I work part time and from home, this dog gets walked a lot, so it's not that he's inside for too many hours. 2) He suddenly seems terrified of stairs. There are 3 small steps up to my place. He had no problem when I first brought him here. Now he just stares at me and refuses to come up them. Once or twice I was able to entice him by giving him a treat after, but now he won't go up them at all, and since he has all the time in the world and I don't, I end up carrying him. Which is a killer on my back (he's small but not that small). 3) He growls at everyone. Nobody mentioned this to me during the adoption process, so I'm not sure if it's a response to being in a new environment or a longer running behavioral problem.

What's really worrying me is that he seemed ok when I first got him, but it's like the longer he's here the more he regresses. I've had rescue dogs before so I know what it entails, but this is way harder than with any of the others. And I want to be a good caretaker, but I'm not sure I can make this work. And then I feel so horrible that I took him from a foster home where he was really loved, and I'm just not bonding with him in the same way. The guilt is actually keeping me up at night.

Does anybody have experience either fixing a lot of problems with a rescue, or have you ever had to give a dog back to a rescue?