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I NEED To Meet This Smarter Then Steve Jobs Baker

We were at my favorite grocery store. My mother said “just get a snack” I was going to anyways.

First I went to the Dairy section and got a small bottle of Lowfat Coffee Milk. Its very good.


Next I went to the cafeteria. I saw my favorite woman working the register. So I had the Lowfat Coffee Milk bottle in my grocery cart. The full sized one. You would not catch me dead pushing a half size one. Its personal preference I know folks love the small one. To me its does not give me the full grocery store experience.

So with my drink in the upper part of the cart. I hate bending over to bottom part. I went up in line.


Me: (putting drink on counter) Can I get a donut.

Favorite cashier: Of course buy anything.

Me: What kind of donut is that with the chocolate and sprinkles on top.

Favorite cashier: Just a cake donut.

Their cake donuts are good.

Me: What’s inside that (pointing to a donut with a drop of cream on it)

Favorite cashier: Jelly with marshmallow.

Me: Well I will try it.

So I paid the $1.85 the drink was a dollar.

I walked into the cafeteria and put the drnk and donut on a table. Placed my cart in front and walked over for the napkins. Donuts can be messy.


I took a bite. So good. Then the next. OMG and it was a large donut. I looked at what I bit down on. It was marshmallow intwined with raspberry filling. Intwined like lovers.

It was glorious. I did save some for my mother.

I need to meet this Thomas Edison/Steve Jobs of donut making. It was so inspired. Who would have thought of combining marshmallow and raspberry filling but one of Edison and Jobs brilliance.

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