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I Need To Move Out

My mom and I had a huge fight this morning about her waking me up before my alarm. Help me not be an asshole about this.

She was stomping around. She was talking loudly to the dog. She was slamming doors. She wasn't doing any of this in an angry fashion, she's just a generally loud person. But she usually makes an attempt to keep it down when I have an early call time.


This morning, she was not only unusually loud, but she knocked on my bedroom door and called out my name and asked me if I was awake. A full ten minutes before my alarm went off. I rather inarticulately yelled something about not waking me up. She yelled, "YOU'RE WELCOME!!" and stormed off.

Waking me up early only serves in making me the worst person in the world. She knows this. We went through this two years ago when I first started working in the entertainment business. She would routinely wake me up 10 minutes before my alarm went off and every time I would get pissed off and tell her to stop. It took a full month of screaming and tears before she finally stopped after I told her that she was making me irritable at work which is jeopardizing my career.

She hadn't done it in a full year and a half. I've been getting up for work on time without fault. Why did she feel the need to do it this morning? She knows I'm not a morning person. She knows that I don't like getting up before my alarm. She knows that I set alarms and that I somehow magically have been getting to work on time for the last year and a half without her help (it isn't magic, it's responsibility).

Anyway, how do I proceed from here without being a bigger jerk than I was this morning? Yes, I realize I was a colossal twatwaffle this morning. Waking me up really early turns me into a horror dragon monster.


I'd like to remind her that I don't need her help getting up in the morning and that it's actually detrimental to my mood and my ability to properly wake up.

And yes, before anyone says anything, I'm grateful to have a parent who cares so much. I just want some boundaries she'll remember to keep and I'm not sure how to establish them without being a jerk about it.

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