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Welcome To The Bitchery

I Need to MYOB

A friend from HS just shared a gofundme pitch on her FB. She and her brother are trying to raise thousands of dollars in order to get represented by this “talent company.” I responded in the kindest yet most direct way that programs like this are almost certainly scams and she brushed me off saying the program was a training company and not an agency, and that she and her family had done their research. I told her that if she trusts it to break a leg.


I know my responsibility is done and I know since we haven’t talked since graduation it’s not really my place to push the issue but it’s bugging me. I’m not gonna say anything more to her, but I googled the company and in 3 minutes I picked up LOADS of shady shit on them. As a professional “pay-to-play” scams chap my hide to no end, and since she’s requesting donations to fund them it feels even more exploitative. And I’m sure I’m a little huffy that she’s not taking my (well-informed and professional) Hermione-ing.

I think I need to step away from the internet and calm down.

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