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UGH I swear to God my mother is the most frustrating person when it comes to technology. She has a smart phone, that she doesn't know how to use and she only got a smartphone because it was free and since the family share plan data was already included it didn't increase the bill. She doesn't take the time to learn, she just hands the phone to someone when she doesn't know what she's doing.

My parent's also got a new computer, we moved the old computer to the basement for my dad to use until it completely dies and set up the new one. The Geekboy worked on the old computer and I set up the new computer. My mother honestly doesn't understand while her files on the old computer ITSELF aren't on the new computer. I'm not talking about a cloud, or Google Drive or a USB stick, she honestly doesn't understand why they're not on the new computer and why she actually has to DO SOMETHING to make that happen. You know why I can access my files from anywhere they're on Google Drive, one of many services or products that allows me to do that. They didn't just magically end up there. SERIOUSLY ITS A DAMN COMPUTER NOT A SENTIENT BEING YOU HAVE TO DO SOME OF THE WORK.


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