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I need to share today's new apartment triumph!

After about an hour of grappling with an iPhone level app, finding studs that would suddenly disappear after passing over them again, me holding my swivel desk chair in place, and pock marking the ceiling with pencil, the fella helped me finally put up my pole in my new place! He keeps giving it the side eye because he doesn't trust that it'll be safe without actually being bolted into the ceiling; so I've had to reassure him multiple times that it's professional grade, and plenty of people have had these poles installed in rental apartments without damaging anything or hurting themselves when installed correctly. He shrugs and goes, "You're the pole dancer." and continues to side eye me.

Today was my first day in maybe 3 months since I've done any kind of working out due to work and moving. Turns out I think I'm gonna have to recondition myself to get back to the level I was at when I quit, starting with basic basic stuff. But it is quite fun to have an apparatus I can properly stretch my arms and back on whenever I feel like again!


Bonus, here's a video of my favorite routine in the past year. It's so modern and feels like something out of a David Lynch film.

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