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I need to spend some money frivolously! Help me!

So I had a work anniversary at my nameless multinational co, and I got a $150 gift card! Since this place sometimes sucks out my soul and stuff, I think I should spend this money on stuff I WANT. Like, stuff I always feel too extravagant to buy for myself. Help me pick the shiny things!!!!

I want bright eye shadow, because the last new eye makeup I got was going through my dead mother's makeup drawer. Wow, sorry to bring the party down.

Can I get this???

Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette.


I want it. $50 for EYE SHADOW sounds extravagant to me, though! Talk me in to it please!

What other makeup should I buy? Or maybe clothes? But is that too practical? But if I buy something that makes me feel good, like how I look, that's nice, right? I DON'T KNOW IS CLOTHES TOO PRACTICAL.

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