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I Need to Talk About This

So I think this is the thing that broke my brain, you guys. WHAT IS HAPPENING IN OUR WORLD?????? IGNORANCE IS FUCKING DANGEROUS!!


How is it that The Ignorant are so strong, or have such a strong voice in our society? I’m flabbergasted at this. These people honestly believe Trump has their best interests at heart. They trust him. That’s insane to me. It does explain the strength of institutionalized racism in 2016 America, though.

Oprah has been raving about the importance of education for decades. JK Rowling wrote an entire book series about how the great battlefield for fighting hateful ignorance & ethnic cleansing is a school. I’m from the Northeast, where education is what we do. I do not understand how that many people with those beliefs exist.

I have rural relatives who don’t get out much. They have a small orbit and are perfectly happy in it, which is awesome. I fear that they are among this sort—the fearful ones who want to hide behind barriers that someone else constructs, because they are too scared to interact with someone different than they are.


Surely many people taking that poll are fucking with us, right? That can’t possibly be accurate. This can’t be happening, can it? I mean, there’s no way this is happening. If/when Hilary or Bernie win the presidency, these people will have spoken and they’ll have to govern them, too. How does one even begin to do that? There’s a house on my drive to work every day that has a flag pole out front. It’s been flying a Confederate flag for over a year. I drive past and say, “Yup, a racist lives there. Thanks for letting me know, Racist!” I have a feeling it might be harder to tell who Trump’s racists are, after all of this. I know we, the educated, have a responsibility to educate, but how to even begin?

Is it that the teachers failed? Is it that we failed the teachers? Is it that the teachers weren’t paid enough to care and now we’re here?


Hollywood is being called on its whitewashing and anti-inclusive bullshit.. I believe that is taking valid, visible steps to telling a wider variety of stories from a wider variety of voices, and starting to embrace this American melting pot.
I believe very strongly in the power of story. The way to make something less scary is to make it relateable. A way to battle hate is to express our similarities. WE ARE NOT DIFFERENT. We are all related. Our stories are all connected.

But Hollywood has a pretty long turnaround time. So what do we do between now and Super Tuesday? I’m trying to believe that this is real life, but I’m having a hard time not curling into a little Denial Ball under a table. I had been trusting that people would be smart enough to see things clearly, which is foolish on my part.


Seriously. Is this real?!

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