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I need to vent


My contractor is here again today. Now, that doesn't sound bad. I understand that. I know there are horror stories of contractors bailing mid-project or not showing up for weeks at a time. But this guy, the one who calls me "hun" and "sweetie" and "dear," is here AGAIN. He specifically told me yesterday he wouldn't be here today. He left early yesterday. He left by saying, "Ok, I'll see you Thursday morning for the inspection. WE are all set." I was finally going to have my house to myself for a whole day. I took the day off of work. I was going to get laundry done and watch some tv. I was going to sleep late and make soup in the crock pot. Instead, he's here. Cleaning. LOUDLY. ​Which means I am trapped in two rooms, not having showered without any access to my washing machine and crock pot. So, I am just stewing in my anger and annoyance and wishing I could go into work. BUT I CAN'T BECAUSE HE FUCKING BLOCKED ME IN THE DRIVEWAY.


I know I am being ridiculous. I know this is not really a big deal. I know this is the epitome of a first world problem. But I can't help it, I WANT TO SCREAM.

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