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I Need Very Particular Recs

A youngster in my life finds themselves in need of condoms. While I am not thrilled that they have become sexually active, I am glad that they have sought me out and feel safe enough to ask for my assistance.

We did a lot of talking and I do feel like they are not being pressured or shamed into this. As much as it can be for a teen, it sounds like it is a mutually respectful relationship where the couple is talking about boundaries and safety. Lastly, we discussed making a visit to Planned Parenthood down the road so that they can get some professional advice/ teaching and whatever. They are amenable to this but it will have to wait until some of our Corona closures have been lifted.


I have no idea what to buy. I cannot talk to anyone close to me as it would “dox” this youngster. So any advice would be much appreciated- brand, size, style recs. Educate me please! Also, as I am away from this person much of the time I am wondering if I should buy some Plan B for them to access if they end up needing it. Thoughts on this would be appreciated as well. If you have any experience with this sort of thing in your own life as either the adult or the youngster, I’d welcome any insights.

I am off to bed but I had to get this off my brain before I could try to sleep. I will plan on checking responses tomorrow morning.

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