I went out earlier tonight and wore my heeled boots. Unfortunately, I did not wear the appropriate socks. Then I ended up missing my bus by 2 minutes and having to walk 3 blocks to get a different one. Of course there was construction on that bus route and I ended up getting off at least 10 blocks away from my destination. As a result there are massive blisters on both my feet.

The ones on the mounds underneath my big toes are still whole and are about 1/2 in to 3/4 wide. On the mounds underneath the next two toes on each foot are 2 massive broken blisters of about an inch wide each and I have bits of sock that are stuck to them. I am currently attempting to soak them in some warm salt water, but it hurts so much.

So GT, what else should I be doing? Thankfully I don't work until Thursday afternoon so I have time to give my feet some R&R. Just as long as it doesn't involve walking anywhere.