Give me a slogan or tag line, you beautiful hooligans, for my friends in the Florida Keys. I’m working on the visuals (artwork & typeface) right now.

For T~shirts. My friends have lived & commercial fished there for 25 years. Hand lines, not nets. Mindful before it was encouraged.

They lost everything, yet are gathering a relief~effort army called “The Angels of Key West.” They are planning to rebuild for disabled people first. Even before they rebuild their own homes. The T~Shirts are to raise money for this effort. Now, THAT’S some spirit we can get behind.

I am POSITIVE my friend’s T~Shirts will sell out and raise a holy~hell amount of cash. Cash in the hands of the locals goes where it is deeply needed. He & his partner wife, my other dear friend, are part of the volunteer fabric of their Keys community. They have been for decades.


I know, I know. There are wealthy people all over the place down there. Their pain is real, too. But they have the money. People like my friends & their neighbors don’t.

So, gimme some words while I draw some versions of “Angels of Key West” I need some sort of short, to the point words or slogan. Below is a partial conversation:)


His: An angel wearing white rubber shrimp boots, carrying a hammer, nails and a shield. Long hair.

Mine: A conch shell with wings. (Conch is synonymous with the Keys.)

His: Yea. A conch with wings, shrimp boots, a face & a hi~five & tool belt! I quote: “Kinda like Sponge Bob.” I fucking love him:)


HELP!!! I need words while I concentrate on artwork:)