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i need your ideas

i woke up at 6am with the right side of my face, neck, and ear a pulsating mass of pain. i yawned and nearly cried. i went to the walk-in clinic as soon as they opened (thank everything that Medicaid still functions in spite of all the fuckery), and the doctor i saw told me that i have an outer ear infection*. i get these pretty regularly, but this is one of the worst ones i've ever had. i got prescriptions for antibiotics, pain meds, and Diflucan (yup, i'm one of those lucky people).

so where do youall come in? i hear you asking. i can barely open my mouth wide enough to talk, and chewing is beyond my capabilities right now. thinking is also pretty low on my list today, so i was hoping for some ideas for things to eat that don't require chewing besides yogurt/oatmeal/cream of (gross) wheat. we have no money, so i can't go out and get a milkshake or anything. i do have some frozen fruits, including bananas, so maybe somebody's got a smoothie recipe or something? help me out, you guyz!

*the dr was also an ASS. i told him how much the whole side of my face hurts and especially my ear, and he was NOT gentle in his exam. like, deliberately rough pulling on my ear and pressing really hard on my jawline. he grabbed my ear and i did that kind of in-drawn scream thing and tears came into my eyes, and HE DID IT AGAIN. i've never seen him before, and i hope i never do again.

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