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So open food thread about meal prep/freezer meals/crockpot meals?

So... I have hypermesis as some of you know which is just a situation where you have crippling nausea and vomiting for most of your pregnancy. However, in the past week, it has gotten tolerable to the point where I can finally eat a few things and cook a meal for my husband and I (well, mostly him but I do TRY to eat) again. I am starting to feel more human. It only took 5.5 months to get here!


Please share your tips for Sam’s/Costco! I need them! I actually used to work at a restaurant supply and am NO newb when it comes to a warehouse store (stick to the basics, don’t buy name brand cereal) but I don’t know much about meal prep and what sort of special magic people use. We’ve had the world’s smallest freezer (it doesn’t even hold a small bag of fucking ice so we always have to trick out our big cooler to have a party just for ICE) and so I was buying food 3-4 times a week at the store and it was ruling my life. I HAAAAATED it and it wasn’t sustainable. I want to do meal prep especially for after our baby gets here in December.

So, yeah, we finally bought a Sam’s membership and a chest freezer (this has been like our ultimate married goal that we began to talk about when we were together for like 6 months haha - so like 3 years in the making). We even were bosses and took that bitch home in my Prius. The employees were so confused when we shoved it in the back of the Prius C (which is the smallest one, yo). Our TV was even dicier and once we put a Christmas tree in it. No joke. That thing is the best car ever for Sam’s and IKEA trips, I tell ya.

So, today, I’ve already prepped 3 lasagnas (2 to freeze and 1 to make tonight) for my husband who loves lasagna as much as Garfield the Cat and a baked Ziti to freeze. I still have to prep chicken teriyaki for the crock pot and a fine ass chicken curry but there have to be other recipes/tips? Now that we have a freezer, our goals are to not eat out anymore unless it is a “nice” meal (no fried crap) and to not have to run to town for food every 20 minutes (our current situation as we live in the county and not in our nearby but a drive-through-road-construction city).

I tend to buy staples at Sam’s - meat, bread, eggs, dairy - rather than mostly prepared meals because I do tend to cook from scratch but I also did pick up some chicken patties and my husband INSISTED on chicken potstickers because they are his FAAAAAVORITE. But any tips about what you have to get vs. shouldn’t buy are welcomed! And any recipes! I want to see what you have.

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