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I need your thoughts on this

Holy shit youguise:

I did not recognize her from either pic but the fact that this was done by Nicole Cliffe right after the Toast shut down means that (a) I fully believe she actually did it and (b) everything she has to say about it is hilarious. Even if you absolutely loathe “fitspo” (as I do) please read it and share your thoughts.


Also, I fully share this sentiment towards Joe:

Once he read The Fountainhead, and it inspired him to go work at a quarry for a time. How could you fail to love the sort of man who reads Ayn Rand and takes it so literally that he takes a job moving rocks because he wants to make the most of himself?

There are just far too many men I know who I wish would spend 50% more time moving heavy rocks from one place to another and 50% less time mansplaining the principle of objectivism to my boobs. I would still tolerate a modicum of mansplanation, but at least I’d have something more pleasant to look at.

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