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I know it’s late; I’ve been baking dog biscuits for too many hours. I’m waiting for one more batch in the oven to finish & have one more waiting on deck to go in. More telling is this whole week has ENRAGED me. I’m an angry, defiant, emotional mess, dripping tears over everything & nothing at the same time while baking shit that needs to be baked.

So fucking mad & demoralized. So much to do at the same time.


But I need your advice!!!

1! Help me bake away the air bubbles. 2! Gimme your favorite radio stations I can stream on the internet.

1) There are new bubbles in the biscuits. Literally, puffed up areas in the biscuits. I had a hand injury that sidelined me for nearly 3 months & before that happened my mental checklist & hand~feel recipes were down to a consistent outcome. Flat & pretty :) Right now I’m using 1/4th teaspoon of baking soda per 2.5 cups of whole wheat flour...CAVEAT! I tossed my ancient baking soda & have been using a new one. HELP!


2) I’m used to the fact that white men are the only music radio game in town, my town anyway (NYC area). But one super nasally, know~it~all guy has a show on both of my favorite public radio stations on Sunday night, back to back. His first show he’s replacing a man fired for sexual harassment/hostile workplace. Chaps my ass. You would think they’d take more care in filling the slot. His SECOND PAID SHOW, same night, is a University radio station just up the way. JFC, nobody could put up a more modern candidate? A POC or woman that could utterly SLAY a prime public radio slot?

I’m a radio person FOREVER! Tap dancing christ, we should be able to do better than this.


(I did very well at the Farmer’s Markets this weekend. Kinda shocked about it.)

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