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I Never Learn (alt. title: who is crafting for xmas?)

Every year I get it in my head I need to MAKE all my Christmas presents, and starting about now I go into freak out mode. It's not about money because by the time you count supplies and shipping and time it costs the same. I am professionally good at making things - it's only a cheap out if we think my time and education is worth nothing. :)

So I think I make good gifts. And I like giving good gifts. And then I hate myself all season.

This year I am giving: two paintings, laser-cut customized coasters that I designed, and a logo/sign for a relative's new business (probably will do a combination of laser-cutting and paint for that). Since I have to be classy I guess (GROSS) I'm not going to put glitter all over everything.


What kind of craft commitments are you guys regretting this year? (or not regretting, if you're better at time management than me)

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