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I especially appreciate your insight about the difference between the grandchildren that come from a son and a daughter. My son has two children who are incredibly precious to me, but as you note, it is different with a daughter. It's not that I wouldn't love the children of my daughter more than the children of my son, but it there is a nuance that matters.

I'm curious about what GTers think about this. I realize most of us are not grandparents, but I'm wondering if you've come across this idea of "daughters are closer to their mothers than sons are." Part of it is likely bonding over the pregnancy and childbirth experience, no doubt. Maybe some of it is a daughter is an expected caregiver more than a son is. It's striking to me only because mother/daughter relationships are much more antagonistic than mother/son in my immediate family.

I can't imagine, for example, having my mother in the delivery room with me during labor, something the woman in the above post (whose daughter is struggling with infertility) talks about as though it were a given. I'm fairly sure none of my friends who have children had their mothers with them while giving birth.


It might explain, however, why my own mother is still upset years later over my niece's middle name. My niece, her mother (my sister), and my mother were all "supposed" to have the same middle name, and my sister and brother-in-law added a second middle name to honor my niece's other grandmother. I wonder if my mother's jealousy, for a lack of a better term, stems from the fact that my niece is somehow more "her grandchild" than her paternal grandmother's. I was always perplexed as to why my mother felt she had a say in this (I mean, she doesn't; she's just upset about it).

Anyone run into this? Thoughts?

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