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"I never saw her make a mince pie or a Yule log at home."

"Caterers sometimes came in to do the cooking, then in the last few years the family ate out."

Good to see the Unbelievably Sexist Trial of Abuse Victim and TV Chef Nigella Lawson continues.


When a male TV chef laughs about the fact that he basically never cooks at home, we all smile and laugh along. How droll! He just makes noodles and kicks back? Actually, that makes sense. We all do jobs — even if we love them — that we don't want to have to face when we're in our off hours.

Because that shit is exhausting.

But when it's a female TV chef, well, fuck that shrew. Why is she doing this to her husband and children?!!?!?!

I hope Santa brings Nigella a big fat alimony check.

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