Welcome To The Bitchery

I normally hate "on the mainpage" posts, but sometimes on the mainpage ...

.... I wanna be like, "DON'T YOU KNOW WHO [the bleep] I AM?"

(Disclaimer: No, they do not. I am nobody. But jeebus. A little credit? Puh-lease? I don't have troll or truth or any of the alert-signal words in my username. C'MON.)

Because you guys know: I'm not serious. I'm never serious (unless I'm cranky - them I'm super serious). The flip remarks? The blatantly extremist and nonsensical logic? These are my contributions to the world. They are intended for chuckling.

Stop yelling, commenters. You inspire sad feelings. Today, I am not a manatee. Today, I am a bunny. A tiny, soapy bunny.


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