Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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I officially don't have my shit together

Okay good news. Psychiatrist knows I don't have my shit together. She told me I've actually gotten worse since our initial meeting. She gave me a note out of work until next week Tuesday. We're upping the prozac, she prescribed some klonopin too for anxiety. Anyone with experience with this one? Anything I should expect? I sent my supervisor the note... and let her know about my PPD. Now I'm scared to ever check my work email again. Psychiatrist wants me to continue with therapist. I will tell her right away next time that I don't think I'm ready to be done any time soon. I think I will start writing down things to bring up so it's not as easy for me to brush off bad episodes. Any suggestions of what I should do with my time off? I don't just want to lay around the house but I don't want to do too much either. I was thinking of calling my BFF and seeing if she wanted to meet up for dinner or something. I also think I should call my dad and finally talk to him about everything that has been going on. I was thinking about how I basically had a breakdown and never called him to tell him I'm okay. He knows. He texts me every few days. Tells me he loves me. I don't think he wants to push too hard. He always knows how to handle me.


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