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So, first and foremost, thank you all for helping me, encouraging me, and sending me your statistics stories. It meant so much to me.

I dropped out because I really wasn't doing well. Not sleeping, eating, hair falling out. Trying so hard only to get the same results I have gotten in the past. Seeing that I failed the midterm, and trying not to cry during my section. I gave it my best, but I just couldn't hack it.

I have a diagnosed learning disorder, so that was a factor. I can now petition to get out of the whole requirement, and I have to write a long letter about my past with math, my disorders, etc. I hope I don't forget anything: my dad staying up until 10pm with me to tutor me, both of us seeing a teacher who was failing me, and me seeing D's and F's when the 'smarter' kids got A's. There's more, mostly health stuff, but it's so hard to put into writing. I just want to convey that doing any type of math is like a death sentence for me: the definition of insanity, doing as much as I can to the point of complete disregard for my own health, and seeing the big 'F'.


Regardless, I am so relieved. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me. I just took a nap, and I finally feel clear-headed. I hope everything turns out ok.

But thank you all again. Once again, GT is the most wonderful forum.

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