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I Paid for It Last Night

My delightful foray into milk consumption?

Revenge was served to me, ice cold.

I had a bowl of Cheerios with lots of milk right before I went to bed. I forgot that dairy = INTENSE dreams.


I dreamt bad people were doing bad things and I was waiting at the police station so we could ambush them, and when the second group came I stabbed the husband in the neck with a plastic take-out knife, and his wife turned into the devil in front of me. Like, I stabbed her, and her eyes went all weird and her voice went all deep and this wicked guitar riff started to signify she was evil and from hell like this was a Tenacious D video.

At that point, my brain went: "Everything was fine until the guitar riff part. Personalized orchestral scores aren't real! SILLY." So I woke up. but damn.

I'm thinking of just drinking the whole bag of milk tonight to see what I get.


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