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I peed in an office chair today


Thankfully, it was towards the end of the day and I was sitting down for a quick chat with my co-worker and this is the ‘guest chair’ and the other office mate was not around. So I just waltzed away with it back to my desk...also ‘absent mindedly’. Sadly, there was a bit of a stain still two hours later so I put the chair away at the communal table with similar chairs and will be ok the next morning. I know, gross. 

Middle age can be so embarrassing.

I also put myself into another mind fuck over a man. I was 95% sure this guy is married but he doesn’t wear a ring, has never once mentioned his wife or referred to as us/we (he is a part of my team on a big project but does not work for my office) in any conversation, ether work related or personal (talking about vacations etc). Anyway, I did my google stalking and I know that he lives in a big house in the suburbs. So, whatever. I am making my self stop being excited about him no matter how nice or friendly he is to me. *sigh* I think I’ll be single forevermore.


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