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And I love it! It hurts like shit and it feels like I have two huge boogers in my nose, but I love it lol.

I have to go do the saltwater cleaning thing in a second, but I really wanted to post a picture. The piercer gave me a straight bar for now since he said it heals better, but eventually I plan to get a horseshoe so I can freak out my mom.


The straight bar is actually pretty convenient. It's pretty much hidden unless I do pig nose like in the photo lol. That means I can pretend it's not there while it heals and I don't have to get judgey eyes for a few more weeks.

I've wanted this piercing for a while. I tend to just randomly fixate on piercings and then get them. I had my tongue done back in my Junior year and it's my favourite one. I now officially have 11 man-made holes in my face. (8 in the ears, nose, septum, tongue) I don't think I'll get anymore, but I'm considering doing my nipples.

WOOHOO! Sorry for the messy hair, I just washed it, so I'm waiting on it to air dry before I retwist. Feel free to laugh at my ridiculous grin. I was pretty excited :)

Show me your piercings!

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