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I planned out a dress today, whatcha think?

I think that shopping at Modcloth has seeped into my subconscious and heavily informed my decision making. There's a fair amount of twee happening and I hope I don't regret pulling the trigger on the fabric (I was panic stricken at seeing that there were only three yards left, I don't think I've ever made a fabric decision so quickly, not even for a pillow). I'll be wearing this to a not too formal August wedding (Mr. Misfit's brother's, you guys may remember another dress I planned for that, but I've since discovered that they're trying to "lower everyone's expectations" regarding formality (while still wanting the men to be wearing suits) and the 50's style dress I had planned suddenly felt too schmancy. This is my interpretation of those guidelines).

This is the pattern (Vogue V1353):


And this is the fabric, and where Modcloth comes into play (note the two different types of bird AND butterflies), but I love the fuck out of these colors together. It's 100% cotton and I'll be lining with a 100% cotton voile:

I think it's cute, but not too cutesy. I'm open to criticism (please, I'd rather someone stop me before I go too over the top like I did that one Halloween that the bartender actually laughed at me. Bitch. I did look a fool, though, now that I think about it).

(Can anyone help with formatting tips? Is there a post somewhere explaining it?)

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