I don't disagree with everything that Erin Gloria Ryan said on the mainpage. I actually think that she made a good argument for her point, even if I disagreed with her central premise. I think that people offended by his statement should not be invalidated in their anger (even as directed towards Colbert) and I think that Colbert needs to think more about how he uses his satire. And he should fire his PR firm. But you know, I think she did a reasonable pros and cons argument here and did her due diligence.

But it worries me, b/c these types of discussions sometimes supernova and then we all lose. Because then we just talk about rage and not about any of the actual issues that prompted the rage.

Maybe I'm just being paranoid. It wouldn't be the first time. So, you know, I'll be over here, doing all that work I've been avoiding, as per usual.

Edited to add: Would that be called a shit hurricane?