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I promise not to do this often, but...

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Could some kind people tell me something nice, or tell me everything's gonna be ok?


In the past two weeks:

-My debit card was compromised, and someone cleaned out my bank account on an internet Ann Taylor shopping spree.


-My nearly-new, uninsured iPhone 5 was pickpocketed, and as I don't keep it locked, god knows what personal info the thief will be able to get from it.

-And then yesterday my dog, who is pretty much my baby and the light of my world, got attacked by a dog in the dog park. The other dog ripped through the bottom part of my guy's ear, leaving an inch+ tear all the way through the ear and down to the cartilage on the end. I took him to the vet to get sutures this morning, but they'll have to put him under anesthesia and I'm all freaked out about it.


And, the vet bill will be crazy expensive, on top of getting cleaned out by a thief and having to replace my stolen phone.

So, if anyone has any nice things, I'd love some sharing.

EDIT: I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the support...it's incredible. Groupthink is incredible. You all are incredible. Thanks so much to everyone - this has really helped me out. You all get one unnamed favor to be done at an unspecified point in some future time.

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