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I'm so sorry for the lateness of this and I will bump it up in the morning!

This is our weekly self-improvement thread where we share things we've done to better ourselves, share our goals for the future, and ask for support in needed areas.


I am late because one of my best friends got dumped by her loser buttface of a boyfriend and I was at her place all weekend, forcefeeding her wine and pizza. I'll call that a good friending win.

I applied to six jobs this week and cleaned my room that I shit you not hadn't been cleaned since 2014. I took a job that shouldn't have paid me enough to get my finances relatively in order, but because the people I was working for are magical genie faeries, I'm not currently strapped for cash. I also secured another temporary doc review job. This all ensures that I can feed and house myself through at least the beginning of May, and I can focus on what needs to be done. I'm also exploring the idea of leaving DC if in a year I'm still single and either 1) unemployed or 2) in a job I hate.

Share with me, GT!

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