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I took a really long lunch, like a jerk. It took two hours. I was hanging with a friend/colleague that I hadn't seen for a while and we went to Le Pain Quotidien, where they have this cinammonly peanut butter thing which is to die for. Like seriously. Sure I suffered through this kale salad (just kidding, I like kale) just to eat all the bread that comes with it. And it made me realize, I'd work an hour later just to have an extra hour at lunch (well, my schedule is really flexible, I confess, so I can do it but I usually have to work in the evening if I screw around during the day). I mean, it's nice to be out during the afternoon, when it's sunshiny, eating lunch and walking around. What do you think about that?

ETA: I spent most of my career in jobs where I had to eat at my desk b/c i had no lunch hour, so you can amend it to "I propose that the lunch where I eat at my desk in a rush become the lunch hour"


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