Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I put my blue genes on! [the weekend motivational thread] UPDATING FOR SUNDAY

I put my pants on today! What have you accomplished today? (This is the weekend motivational thread, so if you haven't done anything pantsworthy today, come back and post tomorrow.)

Other things I did:

  • took out the trash
  • went grocery shopping (twice!)
  • started finished a split pea soup with added peas because I haven't eaten peas for about 4 months and I've forgotten why I hate them
  • bought the ingredients for bean-avocado enchiladas
  • dusted for the first time in a really long time
  • read a book for fun!
  • arranged 3-4 Groupdrink posts (two per month, on Sundays), aka The Alcohol Wars
  • wrote this post
  • Hey, there is a song about blue jeans*:

* Neil Diamond's Greatest Hits album were the first tapes that my family ever owned in English, which explains a lot of my musical taste.


The title of this post is also the title of a short story by a crazy person. The story is similarly crazy, but also entertaining.

ETA: Because I am awesome, I have since mopped my kitchen and bathroom, and am about to clean the sink and toilet and the mirror.


ETA: I have also finished a tomato eggplant onion stir fry. Now to eat dinner...


  • I did laundry!
  • I yelled at Burt on GT! and a bunch of other people on irc
  • I made enchiladas
  • I might do work soon
  • I might also fold the laundry

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