And holy crap, I don't remember the last time I hated a book this much. (Should I be terrified to write this post? Full disclosure, Kathleen, my name is NOT actually Inspector Spacetime.) Spoilers ahead:

From about the halfway point of the book, to near the end, I was pretty convinced that Kippy had just murdered Ruth, and like blocked it out and was trying to solve the mystery out of guilt. The old drunk lady's "suicide" didn't really fit into my theory, but I'm just saying, I know she's supposed to have all these issues because her mom died, but her obsession with Ruth seemed unhealthy for sure, and then there was all the weird shit about her random violent attacks where she was like "whoops, guess I bit someone again!" When the book ended and suddenly everyone was super happy and nice to her, I just wanted to scream "JUST BECAUSE SHE WAS RIGHT ABOUT HER FRIEND BEING MURDERED BY THIS OTHER FREAK DOESN'T MEAN KIPPY DOESN'T NEED SERIOUS PSYCHOLOGICAL HELP!!!!"

Although obviously not from that freaky asylum place because WHAT THE FUCK was that??? I'm totally fine with criticisms of the mental health industry because there are certainly problems, but this place made zero sense. They just gave everybody a bunch of drugs that made them remember nothing and just hallucinate a bunch? And that is the ONLY thing they do there? This is where the book really went off the rails for me. I read the last 100 pages, but the entire time, I was just thinking, "really? REALLY?!"

Guess it makes sense that someone as completely crazy pants as Kathleen Hale would write a protagonist with such severe mental issues and feel no need to address them...