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I read this in under 2 hours

Since it's rather blurry...

Kid Me Not: an anthology by childfree women of the '60s, now in their 60s

by Aralyn Hughes

I found it as a Kindle freebie a couple of weeks ago, and started reading it at Other-Husband's tonight. As the headline says, I read it in under 2 hours.


It's a collection of essays on being childfree, and the hows and whys they made those choices. The only issue I take with this book is that every single one is a white, upper-middle class, extremely well (formally) educated woman. A little diversity would have been nice.

Overall, it's a very good read, and I thought that some of you might be interested.

As a side note, I swore for years that I wasn't going to have children... clearly, that worked out well! I am by no means saying "oh, you'll change your minds!", it's just that I'm familiar with a lot of the things these women say and I wonder how my life might have gone differently if I hadn't gotten pregnant at 17.

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