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Coming out *somewhat* later in life

I realize that coming out at 27 isn't really late in life, but still.

I have parents that I know will be TOTALLY FINE with me being bi. I'm not worried about telling them I like the ladies as well as the men.

I just... I'm a HUGELY sexual person. Most people in my life know I'm super open about my sexuality and just as a sexual being in general. I have two parents who were raised WICKED Catholic. The homophobia hasn't affected them, but the "SEXUALITY IS A SIN" thing did. I love my parents, I'm close to both, I want to be open with them about who I am, but I don't like discussing with them that I'm a sexual being. My mom still puts air quotes around my "rape" (she doesn't mean this insultingly, I SWEAR, she's amazing, she just has to do it to separate that from me so she doesn't freak out. I understand her, I know that's why she does it, trust me here). My dad probably still thinks I'm a virgin, despite my proud slut status among everyone else in my life.


How do I tell them this without highlighting the whole "Shiny is a sexual being" aspect? Especially since bisexuality is (erroneously) associated with heightened sexuality? Both my parents are in their mid 60s. I know if I'm being all perfect LGBTQ+ person. I'll hammer home to them that my sexuality has nothing to do with promiscuity etc (they also not only don't think I'm promiscuous, they think I'm super NOT promiscuous. I tell my mom everything that doesn't have to do with sex. Thanks for ruining my mom for sexual conversations, Catholic church!)

I just... I need to tell them. I don't want it to be awkward. I don't want this to be about what's right and what's wrong and bi privilege versus bi erasure. I just want advice for me, Shiny, talking to Mama Shiny and Papa Shiny, two open minded liberals who are hampered by their super Catholic upbringing and stereotypes about bi people.

Advice welcome and solicited.

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