There were really two great posts today on Lincoln and Guerrero the first Black North American President. I urge everyone to read them. I do not know who shared the Lincoln post from The Root but thank you. Askim thank you for the article about Mexican President Guerrero. I never heard of Guerrero.

What’s amazing is how did I not know this Mexican president then I realized except for Pierre Trudeau I cannot name any other past Canadian Prime Minister. Yet I can name a bunch of English Prime Ministers Chamberline, Churchill, Thatcher, Blair, Cameron and May. I know Justin Trudeau is the Canadian PM.

One thing that scared me about the Guerrero post was I always was taught the Alamo was for Texan independence not slavery. What’s worse is I thought Davy Crockett AND Daniel Boone died there. Until today I always believed they were BFFs fighting next to each other. I checked the Alamo and Davy Crockett was there but Daniel Boones name was not there.

I thought and said to myself I loved Daniel Boone show with Fess Parker in syndication in the first grade. Note Daniel Boone has or maybe is still airing on MeTV oddly I have had no desire to watch again. Then I realized Fess Parker played both men. In my mind I may have merged the two men as one since both were played by Parker.

Now this concerns me. Until today I would have said both men were believers in equality. Crockett I read was vehemently opposed to Andrew Jackson’s plan on moving American Indians, with Alamo about slavery I assume Crockett was proslavery. I will google this later. . Then looking up Boone I discovered he was a slave owner at various points.

As a kid watching Daniel Boone I believed he was antislaveryand believed in equal rights.


The shows of both Crockett and Boone were obviously Disney mythmaking. Yet until I googled and read the articles believed the myths as well as the Lincoln myth of slavery.

There is a song in Jesus Christ Superstar, the theme song in fact had a portion about Jesus the myth and the man. That line and concept always stuck with me.

Today I recall that line. I believed the myths about Lincoln, Boone and Crockett. I took myth for fact. What other historical facts do I believe are really myths.


I went to Catholic schools from 1st through grad school. How is it in all those nearly two decades I learned the myths about Alamo and Lincoln. Did Disney (I believe the made both series) make these Boone and Crockett bigger then what they were. Since I cannot recall any teachers mentioning their names. Although somehow I thought both men were at the Alamo.

Are these two men even taught today in schools.

Why were we taught especially for Lincoln a myth. Why isn’t there a stronger push to not take the easy way out by teaching myths. Yet I wonder if most grade school to high school history teachers just also believe myths are the facts.


Oh Boone was associated and lived through American Revolution while Crockett is associated with the Alamo. That would be the equivalet of a WW2 soldier fighting alongside a Afghan War soldier in 2004. Yet I believed they fought together at the Alamo.

I feel so historically ignorant and scared that what I believe are historical facts are myths.

Ever feel this way?

Oh scroll down and read both articles.