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I really enjoy being a stripper.

It's a weird statement to make. You're not supposed to enjoy being a stripper, you're supposed to be doing it because you have to. You have kids or a drug habit to support or something else like that. I do actually really need the money right now, but I admit that I love doing it.


I love being paid to dance on stage 3-4 nights a week in what is tantamount to a costume. I've got corsets and thigh-highs and panties covered in pearls. I wear 8 inch heels and spin around a metal pole upside down and make my ass clap. I wear fun pasties and wigs and pink eyeshadow. I use a name that isn't my own and I get to be someone else for the night. Some of my customers are creepy for sure, but for most of my customers I'm talking to them and making them smile and laugh and giving them a sense of intimacy with another person.

I'll admit that I hate being so bruised up all the time from doing pole tricks (I'm serious, Sally Hansen airbrush legs has saved my life), but I love what I do. There are some creepy guys who take it too far, but they're in the minority. Most of my customers are happy to have someone to talk to and have interpersonal touch with. I meet all sorts of people from all walks of life with different stories. Last night I gave two lap dances to a chef at a 5-star restaurant and we giggled and laughed and swapped recipes while I rubbed my boobs in his face. I've had customers in the middle of a break-up or divorce, and I've made them laugh and made their night a little better.

I actually look forward to going to club. I look forward to picking out the outfit I'm going to wear and what songs I'm going to dance to. It doesn't even feel like work to me most nights, it feels more like going out (with the bonus that I get paid for it).


Sometimes I do have a hard time compromising what I do with my views on feminism, and that's a sticky subject I haven't quite come to terms with yet.

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