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For the past week or so it's been in the mid-90s with ridiculous humidity. I need to move some of my outdoor plants to bigger pots, but it's just too damn hot to be outside for more than like 10 minutes, and my plants are suffering for it. More importantly, I don't have central air, and my window unit is so, so shitty. It barely does anything to cool the apartment, and now it's started leaking water on the inside, and the carpet is getting fucked up. My girlfriend and I are going to contact our landlord today, but who knows if he'll do anything about it or when (he's not the most proactive guy). Something is wrong with our toilet as well. Finally, because we try to keep try to keep whatever cool air the window unit does put out in the main room, our kitchen is horribly hot (it doesn't help that the room faces the east) and I'm tempted to eat out every night just because I don't want to cook in there. FML.


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