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I really need to avoid reading anything about Shailene Woodley

Because I desperately want to like her and it gets harder and harder everyday.

Some background: I love The Fault in our Stars. As a young woman with a chronic and debilitating illness [that also requires chemotherapy] that book is deeply personal to me. I think Hazel Grace (the protagonist) is one of the best female heroines in 21st century young adult literature. I understand her story on a level that I really can't with most other characters. I see myself in her.


When I heard about the movie adaptation I was really skeptical, but I trust John and since he has been so involved in the process I had a small speck of hope that Hollywood wouldn't destroy this thing I loved. I thought "This could be it! Between TFIOS and How to Train your Dragon 2 we could actually see some positive portrayals of PWDs in film!" But then they cast the movie.

I was tepid. Woodley's previous performances were nothing for me to get jazzed about. Secret Life was trash (yes I watched a few episodes) and even the Descendants didn't leave me impressed. But I still held on. I am not really one to look up celebs personal stuff so I didn't really see anything about her off screen persona until Divergent came out, and that when my heart sank.


She is just so genuinely unlikable to me. I am sure there are lots of people who love her faux "earth mother" act, but I can't help but notice that is all it is - an act. It is really hard to listen to her drone on about the importance of living a "100% natural life" while slathered in brand name cosmetics*. Her weird exoticising of "eastern philosophy" is gross (a lot of white ladies I know IRL do this. They mix different cultural elements from all over Asia and pretend to be enlightened, I don't like it).

And the nail in the coffin is this. She has officially boarded the "I'm not a feminist because I don't hate men train". Listen, it is fine to not want to associate with feminism. A lot of women (especially non- white cishet women) don't feel the feminist movement is for them. And they have damn good reason. More power to them. But don't use MRA bullshit to justify your resistance.


Here is the deal I am not the kind of person who can block it out if I really don't like an artist as a person. It is rarely ever an issue because I avoid learning about that kind of stuff. I want to like her, because I desperately want to like this movie. So I am going to actively avoid any interviews with her from now on because I don't want to look at Hazel Grace and be irritated.

*I am not trying to start shit. I wear fucking Covergirl for Christ's sake. I just think if you play the vegan trumpet all day long you better commit.

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