... even though I know rationally that's not fair because they're in the other room playing Diablo and drinking beers and I have no reason to care at all, except...

I was really horny like an hour ago so I put on my headphones and watched some hentai so HEINOUS it was like falling down a rabbit hole (made of scat). And normally I like some things that are ... off the beaten path! Holla BDSM! Slave Sluts is my new band name, yeah!

But I accidentally disturbed myself with Bondage Game: Shinsou no Reijoutachi. It's pretty hardcore? YES VERY. NOT KIDDING DO NOT GOOGLE IT YOU WILL THINK BAD THINGS ABOUT ME.

And now I want to talk about it and how it freaked me out with Mr Monarch but the friend is still here. And when he comes over he never leaves. It's like an adult sleepover. GO HOME FRIEND I NEED TO DISCUSS MY WEIRD SEX FEELINGS IN PRIVATE.

ETA: tl;dr ... What pr0ns have freaked you out, if any? I am curious!