Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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I really want to dance :-(

Okay, so I don't really feel confident about...well, much of anything. But I am a really good dancer and, oh my god do I love dancing. I did dance in a company as a kid and took classes into my young adulthood, but I really just spent most of my 20s clubbing, which is where I kind of got it out of my system.


I really want to take some classes but I am so freaking scared. Have any of you had experience taking classes as adults?

It's also the only form of exercise I enjoy, which is an added bonus.

I really just posted the Gaga vid because I unabashedly LOVE this song and the video and I always really enjoy the choreography (well, I've only seen this video and Born this Way) in her videos.

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