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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I really want to treat you guys like adults, but....


I just got out of teaching one of my classes (yes the guinea pig one) during which I had to:


-explain to them(for the third or fourth time) how to read the syllabus schedule (it's seriously not that difficult. There is a day/date column, a "class focus" column, and a "homework (due by the next class)" column), since some students did homework that is due next week, some students thought that they had until tonight to do the homework that was due by class time today, and some students just had no clue there was any homework due (there is always homework due). I don't understand how they are all so confused (p.s. they have a paper syllabus, an electronic version on the class D2L site, and I also write the upcoming homework on the board every class... so there's literally no reason why they shouldn't know).

—walk them through signing up for the online component of the text book (which I also did last class, after giving them a detailed step-by-step handout the class before)



—break up multiple group work-induced temper tantrums during what was supposed to be a "fun" break-from-the-text activity.


P.S. this is a college-level (albeit developmental) class.

I need a drink.

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