I know I’m very behind the times on this one as its up to, like, season 13 now but this show is hilarious and amazing. I discovered it when it was playing on a TV in a hotel room I visited and I kept missing its name when it went to ad breaks, so I had to go home and look up the tv schedule for A&E Australia to work out what it was. I am binge watching my way through all the episodes on Netflix and so happy that it looks like most of the entire run is available online.

I love what unabashed bros they all are, and the sincerity with which they stand in totally dark rooms yelling at ghosts to come at them. I love Aaron’s startled looks to camera when a floorboard creaks or a pipe bangs. I love how when they think they see something spooky they scream and carry on and run about just like I would, except I would be running away and they run towards the source of the noise. I love how seriously they seem to take it - it just would not work if they were remotely sceptical - and how they just casually introduce a gadget all “This is our new SCIENTIFIC gadget, it captures ghost voices WITH SCIENCE”.

I love how it could have been a “travel around America and visit places with a spooky history and talk to local people about it” show OR a “run around in the dark screaming when things go bump” show but the Travel Channel went “Fuck it, let’s give them a full hour and do both”.

I love how occasionally there IS something that is legit creepy and spooky, just to keep you on your toes.

I love how I have never, ever, ever agreed with their translation of the ghost EVP they capture. I hear “buzz hiss crackle”, they hear “I am going to eat your soul, Nick Groff” and other such full words and sentences.

A couple of years ago I watched a found footage horror movie called Grave Encounters which was about a douchebag bro paranormal investigator and film crew who do a lockdown in an abandoned psychiatric hospital and shit goes bananas. I see now this was totally a parody of Ghost Adventures.


In the words of a TV columnist who wrote a piece on the show (because when I discover a new TV show I read stuff about it on the Internet) “Zak Bagans is a man I would never talk to in a bar, but because he is a paranormal investigator I am hopelessly in love with him”.

There’s an episode on Netflix where they use a fucking Kinect to detect paranormal activity and swear they capture a ghost attempting to do ghosty surgery.

I love Ghost Adventures.